Duration 7 days 6 nights
Price TBC

Dubai: A city full of opportunities and fun

Duration: 7 days

Ideal Student Level: HSSC and above Levels

In this 7 day long adventure, you will delve into what the best and unique Dubai and its surrounding cities have to offer and also get the chance to visit some of the key industries. We will focus on a mix of learning and development combined with contemporary architecture as well as emerging Urban Design practices. Students will revel in the beauty of the most interesting architectural projects that are shaping the ever-growing metropolis of Dubai.

Day 1 (Orientation, Historic Dubai)

You will start your day with a tour through Dubai for orientation. Your tour begins at the Dubai Museum located in Al Fahidi Fort which is the oldest building in the city. The museum is the embodiment of the cultural legacy of Dubai, which houses everything from artefacts to marine life. Next, you will explore the historic district of Bastakiya and the old souks which boasts a breath-taking view of restored historical buildings. Finally, you will explore the streets of Deira and the myriad of architectural styles that it holds.

Day 2 (Sheikh Zayed Road, New Dubai)

This day begins with a trip to the top of Burj Khalifa, a 160-floor building that is the tallest skyscraper in the world. After getting a view of the city from above, you will be able to explore it from the street as we embark into downtown, venture through the DIFC, explore Business Bay, and revel in the new architecture along Sheikh Zayed that has reshaped the city of Dubai.

Day 3 (Outer City)

Now that you have seen what the inner city has to offer, it is time to visit the architecture located outside the city limits. You will explore the new residential architecture of Al Barsha, the artificial archipelago in Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Marina.

Day 4 (seminar and industry visit)

You will be engaged in a fun filled learning day at one of the educational institutes in UAE along with visit to one of the key industries in UAE

Day 5 (free day)

This is an optional day that can occur halfway through the trip or at the end. This is a day that can be used to explore the Dubai Mall or visit one of Dubai’s thrilling parks such as Ferrari World or Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi.

Day 6 (Abu Dhabi)

You will travel to Abu Dhabi to discover the contemporary architecture that has to offer. You will venture through the planned city of Masdar, learn about Emirati culture on Saadiyat Island, experience the expanse of high rises in downtown Abu Dhabi, and bask in the beauty of the Grand Sheikh Zayed mosque before returning to Dubai.

Day 7 (Sharjah)

While on the last day of your trip, you will be exploring the cultural and industrial institutions located in the city of Sharjah. Sharjah is the very window through which you can peek at the cultural grandeur of UAE itself.

Package includes:

UAE tourist visa: 7 days

Return air ticket: Economy class

Hotel stay: 6 nights on sharing basis

Tours:  Dubai city tour, Abu dhabi city tour, industry tours

Training and seminar: 1 day training and seminar on hospitality industry

Excursions: Burj khalifa (at the top), Dhow cruise with dinner


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